Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflection for Sunday, July 22nd - 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, click here

The Good Shepherd – A soldier lay dying on a Korean battle-field, and asked for a priest. The medic could not find one; but a wounded man lying near, heard the request and said, “I am a priest.” The medic turned to the speaker and saw his condition, which was as bad as that of the other. “It will kill you to move,” he said. But the priest replied, “The life of a man’s soul is worth more than a few hours of my life”, and crawled to the dying soldier. He heard his confession, gave him absolution, and the two died hand in hand. (Anthony Castle in ‘Quotes and Anecdotes’)


Weekly Reflection for Sunday, July 15 - 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, click here

Search for Meaning – Every human person in today’s world seeks to find meaning to his or her life. People particularly young ones are often discouraged when they are unable to perceive the why of life and aim to search for it in wrong and absurd ways. According to the theologian Paul Tillich the word God translates as the depth of our life, the source of our being, and our ultimate concern, what we take seriously without any reservations. So our search for meaning connects with our search for God. Every human person has a purpose to fulfil in life. All have a specific task and are individually called by God for a task or a mission. The call that God gives is personal. We will not comprehend the mission easily unless we are totally attentive to his calling. Our entire person must be totally attentive to his invitation. (Fr Eugene Lobo S.J. Bangalore, India)