Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflection for Sunday, July 29th - 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, click here

Generosity of heart! – A priest celebrating Mass and preaching on the gospel referred to the miracle of the loaves and fishes as a miracle of generosity. He pointed out the generosity of the boy who was willing to share what he had and then there was the generosity of Jesus himself. The priest left the altar at the end of Mass and as he was un-vesting in the sacristy an elderly woman came to inquire if anyone had left a shopping bag. She said she had brought it to church with her, but now couldn’t find it. The sacristan gave her the bad news: no one had left a bag there. The priest was expecting her to say, “What kind of a person would steal from another person in the house of God?” But she said no such thing. Without a trace of anger or bitterness, she said simply, “Maybe the person who took it needs it more than I do.” “What was in the bag?” the priest asked. “Two loaves of bread.” the woman replied. Her answer delighted the priest. But it also humbled him, because he knew that in her position he would not have been so generous in his response to the theft of his property. He was also humbled for another reason. He was preaching generosity; this woman was practicing it. (Flor McCarthy, in 'New Sunday & Holy Day Liturgies')


Weekly Reflection for Sunday, July 22nd - 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, click here

The Good Shepherd – A soldier lay dying on a Korean battle-field, and asked for a priest. The medic could not find one; but a wounded man lying near, heard the request and said, “I am a priest.” The medic turned to the speaker and saw his condition, which was as bad as that of the other. “It will kill you to move,” he said. But the priest replied, “The life of a man’s soul is worth more than a few hours of my life”, and crawled to the dying soldier. He heard his confession, gave him absolution, and the two died hand in hand. (Anthony Castle in ‘Quotes and Anecdotes’)