Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflection for Sunday Oct. 22, 2017 Click Here

Remember who you look like – We can look at Sunday’s gospel from many angles. One of them could be images – how they affect our lives. Ultimately the question is: where do we find God’s image in our society? We are all citizens of two realms, the earthly and the spiritual. We find God’s image stamped on creation, on every human being, and in every word we speak and every good deed we do. Once we discover what image we wish to reflect, our lives and decisions will fall into place. Remember who you look like. Image can be everything. The Chilean poet Pablo Neruda wrote a poem that suggests that once we have decided on living the image of Christ we will know how to live: Let us sit down to eat with all those who haven’t eaten, Let us spread great tablecloths, put salt in the lakes of the world…. For now I ask no more that the justice of eating. (John Pichappilly in “The Table of the Word”)


Weekly Reflection for Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 Click Here

Excuses, excuses, excuses! – Once there was a tailor who mended the clothes of everybody in town, yet he himself went about with his coat in tatters. And to the embarrassment of everybody he appeared like that in Church on Sundays. One Sunday a friend said to him, “It’s a disgrace that you, a respectable tailor, should go around in a tattered coat. Shame on you for coming here dressed like that.” “But what can I do? I’m a poor man and I have to work all week to make a living.” the tailor replied. “Where am I going to find the time to mend my own clothes?” “Look,” said the friend. “Here’s £20. Think of me as one of your customers. I’m paying you to mend your own coat. “I’ll agree to that,” cried the tailor as he took the money. However, when he came to Church the following Sunday the friend noticed that once again he was dressed in his old tattered coat. Extremely annoyed, the friend said to him, “Now there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Didn’t I give you £20 last Sunday to mend your coat? Yet I can see that you never even touched it.” “What can I do?” said the tailor apologetically. “When I went home last Sunday and examined my coat, I realized that I’d be losing money on the job if I did it for $20!” A man like that will always find excuses! (Anonymous)


Whenever we don't do the things we are supposed to do, we always have our excuses to justify our actions, and resist change. While these excuses may get us out of tight situations they can also hinder us from growing and becoming the people we are called to be. While we know that God is infinitely patient, we cannot make excuses for our conversion; we have to respond to His call or be left behind.