Catholic Faith Inquiry


Interested in the Catholic Faith?  Or maybe just a little bit curious?

Throughout all time, our Lord has planted the seeds of faith in His people. Our life experience may have brought us to a point where we sense a desire to learn more about His love for us… And we find our way to the Catholic faith.

The Catholic Church has established a program to introduce those inquiring about the Catholic faith. This program is called the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults, or OCIA.

We all share this journey of faith. Together we are the Body of Christ. The OCIA program is geared toward adults who have recognized that there is some aspect of the Catholic faith that has drawn them to learn more.   

What should I expect in Good Shepherd’s OCIA program? You should expect some teaching, some discussion, some prayer, and an opportunity to sense our Lord’s calling in a friendly and welcoming environment that respects your life decisions. There is no pressure to join the Church, but through OCIA hopefully you will experience a personal discovery of the Church’s teachings and spirituality.

OCIA classes are typically on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM and somewhat parallel the school year.  We start with “common ground” that all Christian Faiths share.  Then we continue with more focused topics on the Catholic interpretation of our Lord’s teachings.  As the Catholic Church and other denominations enter the Season of Lent, we continue, but with a more introspective tone appropriate for this Lenten time.  Those who have elected to join the Church will do so at the beautiful Easter Vigil Mass on the eve of Easter.  Along the way, we’ll have some opportunity for prayer and reflection, maybe giving us an opportunity to discern how our Lord is calling – maybe toward the Catholic Church, but maybe not…  All is good for we’ve had the chance to take this journey together.  And of course, Catholics who would like to refresh their understanding of their faith are always welcome too.

Sound interesting?  Call Deacon Paul Keil at 256-882-1844, Ext.117, or email him at  if you would like to learn more.