Catholic Faith Inquiry

Hello again to the Good Shepherd Parish Family!

 Each time that I reflect on my personal Journey of Faith, I sense the “Loving Guidance” that has strengthened my faith and brought me closer to Our Lord.  Fr Phil has often talked about our life’s journey and our Journeys of Faith, and recently used a metaphor that really resonated with me – “God draws straight with crooked lines…”  How true! 

 And how thankful we are for this! We can wander hither and yon through our life experience, and through God’s Grace, find ourselves coming closer to He who loves us so very much.  I think God’s will is often presented to us through our prayer, but also through our interactions with each other living our Christian life. God’s use of crooked lines might be the same for many non-Catholics that find their way to our doors. 

 I’ve talked with many Catholic newcomers and non-Catholic visitors to Good Shepherd who will tell me that they’ve sensed how loving and welcoming the Good Shepherd Catholic Community is.  Perhaps there’s something in seeing that we do try to live our Faith that draws people to the Faith.  Or maybe they sense that there’s a better way to live that comes from knowing Christ as a Catholic.

 Our Lord has graced us with His Love, providing us with nourishment from Heaven, the peace of His embrace, and, through our Baptisms in Christ as priests, prophets, and kings… a mission.  As we live the Gospel, one aspect of our mission is to encourage others to find Christ.  And so, I’m inviting you to think about people whose paths have crossed with yours and who may have shown a spark of curiosity about our Faith.  Invite them to check-out our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program. 

 Through RCIA, I’ve helped welcome families, friends and acquaintances of current Catholics, and some who through their life’s journey have just found us (probably with some help from the Holy Spirit).  In our RCIA meetings, we present our program with a perspective of shared journey of faith with Christ.  In our RCIA meetings, there is some prayer, some discussion, some teaching, and perhaps most importantly, some opportunity to reflect on where Christ is leading us. 

 If you have someone in mind, I would encourage you to gently invite them to visit us and to support them in their inquiry.  Similarly, Catholics who would like to refresh their understanding of the Faith are certainly welcome in our classes.  Sessions will be starting again on August 22.  Meetings generally will be Tuesday evenings at 7:00PM in the Pastoral Center All Purpose meeting room.  Please feel free to contact me through the RCIA Office at the phone number or email address below.

 May God continue to bless us and our families!

 Dave Best

RCIA Office Email:  [email protected]             

Phone:  (256) 882-1844, ext. 104

Learning the Basis and Basics of Catholicism…

 I think I’m interested in the Catholic faith… How do I find out more about Catholics and their faith??

 Throughout all time, our Lord has planted the seeds of faith in His people. Our life experience may have brought us to a point where we sense a desire to learn more about His love for us… And we find our way to the Catholic faith.

 The Catholic Church has established a series of classes to introduce those inquiring about the Catholic faith to the basis and basics of the Faith. This series of classes is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, or RCIA.

 We all share this journey of faith. Together we are the Body of Christ. The RCIA process is geared to those who are adults and who have recognized that there is some aspect of the Catholic faith that has drawn them to learn more.   RCIA is oriented to those who have a frame of reference that appreciates concepts discussed at an adult level.

 What should I expect in Good Shepherd’s RCIA program? You should expect some teaching, some discussion, some prayer, and an opportunity to sense our Lord’s calling in a friendly and welcoming environment that respects your life decisions. Through RCIA, hopefully you will experience a personal discovery of the Church’s teachings and spirituality.

 RCIA classes are on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM from August thru April in our meeting room on the lower level of the Office Building. And of course, Catholics who would like to refresh their understanding of their faith are always welcome too. Call Dave Best at 256-882-1945, Ext.104 if you would like to learn more.