Music & Liturgy


Through  liturgical worship and celebration of the Sacraments we unite to express our love of God. 

Preparing for Liturgy and Music Involves:  

Liturgy Planning (seasonal & special)                        Sacristans

Children’s Liturgy of the Word                                    Altar Servers

Eucharistic Ministers                                                  Cantors

Lectors                                                                       Organ/Piano

Ushers                                                                        Instrumentalists

Choirs (Adult & Children’s)                                         Sound

Church Decorating                                                     Laundering

Adult/Youth Handbells                                               Office Help

Church Cleaning



We invite you to consider sharing your special talents with us as we prepare for all the liturgical seasons. As we work together, we share the fellowship and special love that comes from participating in our parish worship.

 New Members and New Ideas are always welcome!!